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Scales and Weighing Equipment

Northwest Process Equipment provides complete sales, installations, parts and service for truck scale systems, conveyor belt scales, laboratory bench balances and on-board front-end loader scales. Some of the things we do -

  • Truck scales - Portable and stationary truck scales. Steel deck or concrete deck, low-profile above-ground or pit-type designs. Large selection of instrumentation from basic ticket printers to computerized data collection and control systems. We specialize in complete, turnkey installations.

  • Steel Deck Portable Truck Scale
    70 x 10 steel deck, portable truck scale installed on a legal-for-trade foundation at a gravel pit.
    Concrete Deck Low-profile Truck Scale
    70 x 12 concrete deck low-profile above-ground truck scale installed at an asphalt plant.
    Steel Deck Portable Truck Scale
    Putting the finishing touches on the concrete foundation for a 72' x 12' low-profile above-ground, legal-for-trade truck scale.
    Concrete Deck Low-profile Truck Scale
    The completed 72 x 12 steel deck, low-profile truck scale. This system also included a Windows(tm) compatible PC software ticketing system and a large outdoor scoreboard display with a built-in stop & go light for the drivers to easily view their axle & truck weights without leaving the truck cab.

  • Conveyor Belt Scales - We manufacture high accuracy belt scale systems and component parts. Scale carriages, speed pickups, electronic integrators and test weight systems. Automated conveyor loadout and ticketing systems available. We also carry replacement parts for most popular makes.
  • Conveyer Belt Scales

  • Computerized Asphalt Silo & Overhead Bin Loadout and Truck Scale Ticketing Systems - PC based control and ticketing systems for accurate truck loading, dispatch and data collection. Provide detailed daily reports on materials, job deliveries and trucking usage for more accurate billing and improved job cost control.
  • Computerized Silo Loadouts and Truck Scale Ticketing Systems

  • Tuffer Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales - The truly portable scale system that goes everywhere your loader goes. Assures accurate, full truck loads every time. Lets you haul more material with fewer trucks and prevents giving away extra material. Ticket printer system also available. Easy installation on most any make or model of loader.
  • Loader Scales

  • Remote "scoreboard" displays - Now available with a built-in stop & go light. For truck scales and industrial filling operations. Large, bright outdoor digital displays allow drivers to quickly and easily check their individual axle weights and total vehicle weight as they pull ahead onto the scale. We also supply pneumatic tube ticket delivery and 2-way intercom systems for truck scales.
  • Remote scoreboard displays

  • Laboratory Bench Balances - Precision test lab bench scales for aggregate, asphalt and industrial material testing. Large range of sizes and capacities available. Most models also have optional underhook for performing specific gravity tests.
  • Laboratory Bench Balances

  • Replacement Loadcells - For all types and sizes of scales. "S" type loadcells, single and double-ended bending beams, canister loadcells and loadcell mounting systems. We also stock high quality loadcell cable and cord connectors. Call us for fast deliveries at fair prices.
  • Replacement Loadcells

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